This page outlines the terms and conditions under which I will accept clients or projects for my various services. Please read it carefully before contacting me about the possibility of doing website development or graphic design for you, your business, or your organization.

The costs for my services vary greatly, and my quoted price depends on the size and complexity of the project and the needs of the customer. I base an estimate for each project on its individual merits as it’s presented to me initially. This means that if the scope of the project changes during its construction, changes in price are likely.

I’m willing to make payment arrangements to suit your needs. I will notify you of any additional costs as they are incurred during the course of the project.

Each project is custom-“Taylor”ed to suit each client. You may not repackage and resell or otherwise distribute your project, in whole or in part.

I reserve the right to obtain and display examples of projects as part of my design portfolio, including (but not limited to) screenshots of live websites.

I will not accept requests for website development or graphic design from individuals or groups that currently or intend to:

  • Express hatred toward any race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or lifestyle choice.
  • Condone or depict in a favorable manner illegal activities such as drug use, substance abuse, theft, organized crime, or exploitation of minors.
  • Contain threats of violence to any person or people, animals, property, homes, or establishments, public or private.
  • Knowingly provide or provide links to cheats, hacks, or cracks for PC, console, or handheld device software.
  • Knowingly engage in copyright infringement, plagiarism, or piracy of copyrighted works, intellectual property, trademarks, brands, etc.

That last item is important, as I have had requests to make a client’s website look exactly like some other website. That’s not what I do, and if you’re looking for a copycat site design, please move along. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — until the lawyers get involved.