My personal EverQuest II Graphics website; I make signature graphics and other images for my fellow players and display them all in various galleries.

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Features of note:

  • PHP / CSS template system
  • Tableless, frameless design
  • Custom images and layout
  • Array- and directory-driven dynamic image galleries
  • Scripts that determine various statistics, such as the 10 graphics most recently updated, the average number of graphics created per month and per year, and the number of unique character names
  • Original webring system
  • PHP request and contact forms with field validation and email notification
  • Standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional

EQ2 Graphics: Main Page (January 2009)

EQ2 Graphics: Gallery Page (January 2009)


Older Versions:

EQ2 Graphics: Main Page (September 2008) EQ2 Graphics: Gallery Page (September 2008) EQ2 Graphics: Main Page (October 2007) Gallery Page: October 2007 EQ2 Graphics: Main Page (April 2007) EQ2 Graphics: Gallery Page (April 2007)