My version of an EverQuest II book database, originally started by EQ2 player Aurelis. Home decorating has its own loyal player base in EQ2, and many homeowners have at least one dedicated library to house the books, scrolls, certificates, and bookcases they purchase or earn via quest rewards in-game. BiblioNorrath is dedicated to helping users show off and share their libraries with other site visitors.

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Features of note:

  • PHP / CSS template system
  • Tableless, frameless design
  • Custom images and layout
  • Two color skins available, selectable by the user and stored in a cookie
  • PHP forms with field validation and email notification
  • Extensive mySQL database of in-game items
  • Comprehensive administration panel for adding, editing, and deleting users, items, and other data
  • User registration with double-opt-in account verification
  • Users can manage their profile, add/edit/delete characters, and add/edit/delete libraries

BiblioNorrath: Main Page (February 2013)

BiblioNorrath: Item Admin Page (February 2013)


Other Images:

BiblioNorrath: Main Page [red theme] (February 2013) BiblioNorrath: Item Admin Page (February 2013) BiblioNorrath: Item Details Page (February 2013)